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All our prints are printed on 200g uncoated, premium matt paper. The paper is also age-resistant and has a non-reflective matte finish with a high-quality feel.

All our prints are described in millimetres, in the dimensions the prints are produced in the UK and Europe.

However, prints produced for the USA and Australia (and other countries supplied by our printing partners in these countries) are produced in imperial (inch) measurements.

In most cases there are only a few millimeters difference between the metric and imperial conversions.

The reason we make this distinction is so that our prints are sized in the measuring systems local customers are most familiar with. For rolled prints, this also means that the most easily available picture frames will fit the products being produced locally.

For example, our 700 x 500mm prints will be supplied to customers in the USA as 28" x 20", and our 1000 x 700 prints will be supplied to customers in the USA as 40" x 28".

If you have any queries about print sizing, please contact us for clarification.

If you are interested in commissioning Atomic Printworks to create a custom print we would be delighted to discuss this with you. This could be a modified version of one of our existing designs, a larger format print, or even something completely new. Drop us a line at the address below with as much information as you can, and we'll let you know how we might be able to help.

All items are produced to order and we do not accept returns. We always do our best to deliver a product that we hope you'll love but if you are not 100% satisfied do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will work with you to find a solution. 

If your order has arrived damaged in transit, please contact us at info@atomicprint.comn along with photographs of the damaged areas.

Prints take an estimate 5-7 business days to arrive. We use local postal services and couriers for all our deliveries. Please get in touch before placing your order if you have specific requirements.

Atomic Printworks is based in the UK but we work with a network of worldwide professional printers and framers, who have facilities in the EU, UK, USA and Australia, so your order will be produced and shipped from the closest lab.

The images and designs used on the Atomic Printworks website are the property of Simon TylerYou must not reproduce, modify or distribute our images or any part of those images in any manner, whatsoever. In the event that there is any dispute between us in relation to this issue, you agree that until the matter is resolved, an interim injunction will be an appropriate remedy. An Interim injunction is a court order, which would prevent any further use or distribution of the image that we are concerned about, until a final court hearing where the court will make a decision on all the facts.

If you have any other queries please contact us via email: