About Us

Adventures in Knowledge

Learning is a journey. A fascination with the world and its wonders. The delight of discovery is universal, shared by children and adults alike. 

We believe that learning - adventures in knowledge - is the most important thing we do. An attitude of inquiry, engagement and inspiration informs us and shapes our behaviour and personality. 

Atomic Printworks creates products for people who like to learn. 

We are fascinated by and committed to producing designs that tell visual stories about the nature of things. Science and space, the structure of our planet and its inhabitants. Geographical phenomena, biological pathways, the elements that make up the universe and the particles that make up those elements. Technology, mathematics, science and its history, presented with a focus on clarity of explanation and visual impact. 

Atomic Printworks is a project created and operated by 77 Industries, a British design studio founded in 2013 by Simon Tyler.

Atomic Printworks has been featured in The Times, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, It's Nice That, Pirouette, and Trail.